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Prime Time Productions (PTP) was founded in Amman, Jordan to produce news stories, current affairs and documentary programs for television networks in the Middle East and around the world.
NEW! To view the trailer for Prime Time Production's latest documentary "wa Qodsah" (Oh, My Jerusalem), click here.
Over the years, Prime Time has provided news services to many of the top news organizations. We are proud to have served CBS, FOX TV, CNN, CTV, TFI, ARD, REUTERS TV, WTN, ZDF, APTV, TV2, TVE, JTV, MBC, CH2, ABU DHABI TV, DUBAI TV, AL-ALAM, LA7, RTE, AL-SHARIQA, and PBS.
Prime Time also provides production facilities for feature films, television programs, documentaries, sports programs, music videos, entertainment shows, commercials and training films.
Prime Time offers other services including the latest HD and DV Camera rentals, film crews, editing facilities, video and audio studios, and more!
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